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Veiligheid en kwaliteit


The delivery of high quality and safe gelatine that fully meets customer requirements is Trobas Gelatine BV's top priority.

Operating within an ISO9001- and HACCP-certified quality management system, a team of competent and dedicated employees carefully ensures that all customer and regulatory specifications are met. This involves securing the safety and traceability of raw materials, as well as thoroughly controlling the complete manufacturing process. In this context, extensive quality controls and analytical testing are key elements.

The modern and hygienic factory of Trobas is recognized and formally registered by the competent authorities, under the number NL-7022-EG. Both the factory and the quality management system are periodically audited against all applicable standards.

Trobas continuously invests in process optimization and quality improvements, in order to satisfy customers with a timely delivery of high quality gelatine. Both today and in the years to come.