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Production process

The production of gelatine starts with obtaining the proper raw materials. For Trobas Gelatine BV this means high-quality skins form porcine and bovine origin. These raw materials exclusively originate from healthy animals, whose meat has been declared fit for human consumption under strict veterinary control. Suppliers of raw materials are carefully selected by Trobas.

Depending on the type of raw material, two kinds of conditioning processes are employed. In case of pig skins, the contained collagen is pre-treated with acid (type A process), while bovine hides are subjected to alkaline conditions (type B process). After the collagen has been conditioned, the material undergoes a mild extraction process using warm water. The resulting protein solution is subsequently purified, sterilised and dried. Finally, the gelatine is blended, ground and packaged according to specific customer requirements.

Key words that characterise the production facilities of Trobas are: clean, sanitarily designed, highly automated, efficient and controlled. Trobas continues to invest in process optimisation and quality improvements. In a sustainability context, there is a clear focus on minimising the use of energy and water, as well as gaining maximum value from side streams.