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Geschiedenis Trobas Gelatine


Today, the production of edible gelatine is the core business of Trobas Gelatine BV. However, the company finds its roots in the field of a traditional adhesive known as technical gelatine or hide glue.

Portret Adrianus TrommelenIn 1927, Adrianus Trommelen started producing glue from side-products of the Dutch leather industries, using traditional processing methods. In the years that followed, the production capacity was gradually extended.

Portret Bas TrommelenAdvancing insights with respect to preservation of the environment made Bas Trommelen - second son of the founder - decide to relocate the plant towards the end of the 70's. Accordingly, in the second half of 1978, a new factory with its own biological waste water treatment facility was established at an industrial area outside the village of Dongen. Ever since, water purification performance has met the most stringent requirements.

From the mid 80's, the production process has been drastically modernised step by step. Responding to a declining demand for technical gelatine, a fully new production line dedicated to the manufacturing of edible and pharmaceutical gelatine was installed in 1997. From 2011 onwards, the production capacity for edible gelatine was further expanded by implementing another dedicated production line. At the same time the older facilities that were solely intended for the production of technical proteins were removed from the factory.