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Wat is gelatine

About gelatine

Gelatine is a natural and pure protein - free from fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol, allergens and additives. It's a foodstuff without an E-number.

Gelatine is able to form gels, films and foams. Moreover, it is a binder, stabiliser and adhesive. Hence, this versatile product has been employed in numerous applications for many years. In the food industry gelatine is often used to form gels with a unique melt-in-the-mouth characteristic, being thermally reversible at body temperature.

Gelatine contains eight out of nine essential amino acids*, giving it a substantial nutritional value. Additionally, an increasing number of studies indicate that consumption of gelatine supports the health of joints, bones and skin.

Trobas produces gelatine in its clean, modern and safe factory. During the manufacturing process, gelatine is obtained by partial hydrolysis (i.e. controlled disintegration) of collagen.

* Essential amino acids are crucial building blocks for the human body.