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Product portfolio

Trobas Gelatine BV manufactures edible and pharmaceutical gelatine in the form of granules and as a powder.

Product characteristics such as the functional properties, mesh size, and type of packaging can be tailored to requirements of the customer.
Generally, Trobas offers the following product range of edible and pharmaceutical gelatines.

Pig Skin Gelatine Bovine Hide Gelatine
Pre-treatment Acid (Type A Gelatine) Alkaline (Type B Gelatine)
Gel strength 100 - 300 Bloom* 100 - 250 Bloom*
Viscosity 2 - 5 mPa.s 2.5 - 6 mPa.s
Particle size 8, 20, 30, 50 mesh 8, 20, 30, 50 mesh
Packaging 20/25, 500 - 1000 kg bags 20/25, 500 - 1000 kg bags

* Bloom is a standardised measure for the gel strength of gelatine.

More information:
Get in contact for detailed product specifications and/or sample requests.

Technical applications:
Based on many decades of experience, Trobas also offers selected blends of technical products for traditional applications. Please get in contact for more information.